Is Dolly Parton Worried About Goddaughter Miley Cyrus? – National Miley Cyrus |

Miley Cyrus Gets a Visit From the Easter Bunny in the Hospital! | Miley Cyrus | Just Jared Jr.

I dont think the crowd would be so forgiving again if she did anything else that was really offensive. I dont want it to overshadow her talent.” Parton, who played her Aunt Dolly on “Hannah Montana,” also admitted that she was very worried about Cyrus’ view on drugs. Cyrus has been open about her use of marijuana, once calling it “the best drug on earth.” She also admitted that she had been singing about molly in her song, “We Can’t Stop,” and she expressed frustration at the critics who were attempting to censor her lyrics. Still, while 68-year-old country star is concerned about her goddaughter, she still believes that Cyrus will make healthy choices. “If she is as smart as I think she is, I think shell make the right decisions.” Parton Back in November 2013, Parton defended Cyrus and said that she ultimately trusted her judgment. As she explained , “I know that she has thought this all through. We’ll let her go and do her own thing. If she needs my opinion on something I will surely give it, and there have been times we’ve talked. But I would never dream of calling her and saying, ‘Well why are you doing this?’ or, ‘You shouldn’t do this or that.'” Parton also hopes that fans will focus on Cyrus’ artistry and her talent, not just her increasingly provocative image.
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Dolly Parton has expressed concern about Miley Cyrus' extreme behavior.

The 21-year-old singer revealed that even though shes still struggling, she is getting better. My 1st night sleeping all the way thru by myself. no nurses needed, now up for breathinggg treatments. PLZ say Im on the road 2 recovery, Miley tweeted .
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