Gig Review: Miley Cyrus – The Scotsman

Seth Rogen Teases Miley Cyrus about Her ‘Joint’ Addiction, Miley Believes Her Knee Looks Like Seth – International Business Times

Miley Cyrus – The Hydro, Glasgow *** Whatever else Miley Cyruss Bangerz show is, its not dull mostly. The production flings literally everything at the audience: a gold car, dancers in furry animal outfits, a huge animation of surreal cartoons by the guy behind Ren & Stimpy, a pantomime horse, a large puppet ostrich (by this stage I wouldnt have been surprised if shed ridden it around like Bernie Clifton, but she merely serenades it), a massive bed spawning participants in a surprisingly sexless simulated orgy, a 30ft inflatable model of her late dog, with flashing laser eyes look, the list is too long: take it from me, it was mental. Apart, that is, from the obligatory serious section, when Miley fronted her band on a small pop-up stage to sing bleaty countrified covers of Bob Dylan, the Arctic Monkeys, Coldplay and Dolly Parton, as shell probably revert to doing once this phase of her relentlessly professional career is over. That was, like, totally bo-ring, even though she tried to liven it up by taking constant selfies. For the truth is that while the daft staging, twerking and constant interaction with the crowd is fun, the music itself is either shouty and bad (Love Money Party) or ballady and bad (Drive), with only We Cant Stop and Wrecking Ball standing out as remotely catchy. But then, why should it be any good?
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Being Miley Cyrus – Music News | Gigs, Album Reviews & More | The Irish Times – Fri, May 16, 2014

Photograph: Joey Foley/Getty Images After much speculation, it has been announced that With a Little Help From My Fwends, the Flaming Lips ‘ highly-anticipated tribute to the Beatles’ 1967 Sgt Pepper album, will be released this autumn. The Lips’ frontman, Wayne Coyne, told Rolling Stone : “People are like, ‘Why do you do Beatles songs?’ and I’m like, ‘Because people love them.’ I think it’ll generate a lot of interest.” The full-length tribute to the seminal album is said to feature Miley Cyrus, Moby and MGMT’s Andrew VanWyngarden covering Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, with Coyne’s good friend Cyrus also cropping up on a version of A Day in the Life, too. “It’s really just a lot of great friends of mine who are all contributing,” says Coyne, having hinted at the collaboration with Miley Cyrus for months now. “Sometimes it’s two groups doing a song; sometimes it’s one. And it’s not always the Flaming Lips and someone; sometimes it’s just other groups. But I think all that’s gonna be great.” He originally joined Cyrus on stage during her Bangerz in the US, holding a large inflatable balloon spelling Fuck Yeah, before performing Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots. A portion of the album’s sales is said to be going to the Bella Foundation , a charity in the band’s Oklahoma City hometown that assists “low-income, elderly or terminally-ill pet owners with the cost of veterinary care when it cannot be afforded”. Those who pre-order the album, out on 28 October via Bella Union in the UK and Warner Bros Records in the US, will get a download of Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds. This week, the Flaming Lips joined Cyrus onstage at the Phones4U Arena show in Manchester during her Bangerz tour, to perform Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.
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Miley Cyrus Now Wears Face Paint On Stage | MTV Style

Miley Cyrus, Wayne Coyne

One look at the close-up shot of Miley’s knee given an impression that it has some sort of figure made on it. Miley was asked who does she think that the shadow on her knee resemble to? Check out the picture here and the tweet below. Apparently my knee is my #MCM @Sethrogen evil twin Miley Ray Cyrus (@MileyCyrus) May 13, 2014 Miley’s answer was equally creative.
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Miley Cyrus’s fans grew up with her; now she’s rebelled, they love her more | Music | The Guardian

Zofia Slater and Nina Telford.

Over the past few days, Miley has been Instagramming her new bedazzled adirty hippiea face-paint look with hot pink stripes and rhinestones. At first we thought it was just a celebratory look for her mom’s birthday, like the seemingly endless supply of hats and masks she has with her on tour , but last night Miley performed wearing her new makeup. If Miley were at Coachella , shead blend right in. But considering the festival is a month behind us, weare guessing another influence is at work here. Miley and Wayne with facial decorations. Photo: @ mileycyrus Instagram/Getty Images Could the Flaming Lips a psych-freak aesthetic be rubbing off on her? Sheas been spending a lot of time with the bandas frontman Wayne Coyne ashe even copped one of his looks and asked her Instagram followers who pulled it off better. Maybe she’s moved on from clothing to stealing his appreciation for performing with face decorations? Can we expect the front of her hair to be blue soon? I mean, she has the perfect base for it.
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Ms Cyrus certainly puts on a show, but its not about music. Picture: Getty

(“But why am I being spanked by a giant blue fluffy dog? Is this meant to be sexual? Or have I transgressed in dog world? While I mime having sex with the car, am I supposed to be aroused by the actual car?”) We can have an argument about whether she was celebrating or commodifying her sexuality in 20 years. Right now, tonight at least, inescapably, the important thing about her is how beloved she is. “She is just herself,” said Laura Williams, 24. Her sister, Emily, 16, says: “She’s real.” Laura continues: “It’s not like people outside the limelight don’t do what she does. Society is far too squeaky clean. You should just be yourself, and that’s what she does.” Emily Williams, Laura Williams and Naomi Jones. Photograph: Christopher Thomond for the Guardian Sarah and Ryan, incidentally, are training to be primary school teachers, and for their course did a presentation recently on Cyrus as role model, which most of their peers “did not like at all”.
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Miley Cyrus and Moby feature on Flaming Lips’ Beatles tribute | Music |

This detail was often missed when she was singing the awesome Party in the USA or the Jonas Brother-jeering 7 Things. With all of the shock tactics she has used in the past year, you can often forget that there is a talented performer behind that twerking arse. One quick Youtube search will bring you to Mileys Backyard Sessions. They feature Miley singing in her garden with just a microphone and a bluegrass band, and you realise that her gravelly voice is the reason why we should be paying any attention at all. Miley can make Dollys Jolene sound like her own creation or bring added heartache to the already devastating Lilac Wine, made famous by Eartha Kitt , Nina Simone and Jeff Buckley . Instead of using her tonsils to deliver a ballad-heavy album that Adele could release or battling with Taylor Swift in the genre of country pop, Miley unhinged her jaw like a cobra, stuck out her tongue and had fun with her music. Luckily for her, the gamble paid off and Bangerz a bizarre yet wonderful hybrid of pop and hip-hop went straight to the top of the charts and spawned two number one hits, We Cant Stop and Wrecking Ball, that defined the pop culture we consumed in 2013. Obviously her risky gamble involved a game of strip poker which ensured that Mileys left and right arse cheeks are now celebrities in their own right. Her fondness for semi-nudity often distracts from the fact that she can really sing.
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