Miley Cyrus Warns Dad Billy Ray: ‘don’t Be The Next Bruce Jenner!’ Achy Breaky Heart Singer Rejects Reality Tv Offers On Daughter’s Advice | Radar Online

Billy Ray has turned down what must be his sixth reality show offer in the last four years because Miley has been very strict with her parents about not doing them, even though they have been offered a fortune by all the big players, including Bravo, Lifetime and E, to open up their home to cameras, a close member of Mileys business team revealed. And the Wrecking Ball beauty, 21, shudders at the thought of her dear old dad, 52, becoming a national joke on TV like Keeping Up with the Kardashians father Bruce Jenner ,64, the source confided. PHOTOS: Miley Cyrus Enjoys A Suspicious Looking Cigarette Miley would much rather do a Christmas special or a concert at the Hollywood Bowl with her dad rather thanwatch him embarrass himself like Bruce Jenner on TV every week. Still, some of the most recent TV offers to Billy Ray and his wife, Tish Cyrus ,54, have been so serious and lucrative to give even Miley pause, said the source close to the twerk queen. Ever since Miley broke away financially from her parents, shes had to watch their incomes plateau while hers has skyrocketed, and so in the last three months she revisited the reality show idea with her dad, the source said. PHOTOS: Meet The Parents! Hollywoods Best & Worst Moms And Dads But ultimately, she was very thankful they came to an understanding together that it would be a bad idea. Miley is a student of the mistakes of the people who have come before her, and she always thought Britney Spears decision to do a reality show was the beginning of her downfall. Mileys fellow pop star Spears got bad reviews for her reality show Britney and Kevin: Chaotic in 2005 with her then-husband, Kevin Federline and later bombed as an X Factor USA judge alongside Simon Cowell . For now, Miley doesnt want herself or her parents becoming reality TV bottom feeders, the source said. Billy Ray agrees with her and it seems to have helped their relationship.
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Miley Cyrus Brother Braison Pictures – Celeb Siblings


The “We Can’t Stop” singer introduced the world to yet another of one of her five siblings, and he’s pretty, well…pretty. Braison Cyrus is a model and film student taking time off from the business of being ridiculously good-looking to hop on tour with his older sister. Together, they’ve been romping around Monte Carlo and Norway, snapping pics, and humbly bragging about how awesome it is to be Cyruses (Cyrii?). But, like, where has Braison been hiding all this time? Why is he only now making his debut on Miley’s Instagram? Was he created in a lab? What is his Braison d’etre, as it were? There’s this weird feeling that washes over you when you discover a super-famous person has an equally adorable sibling (we’re lookin’ at you Sofia Richie ). It’s not shock, but it’s not quite dumbfounding, either. Perhaps watching a few episodes of a needs-to-happen-now reality show called Catching Up With The Cyrus Crew would aid in naming this unique feeling. (Then again, maybe some language already has a word for it .) Until then, all we have are these Instas.
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Miley Cyrus’ New Performance Style, Lana Del Rey’s Selfies, And More Topped Our Headlines This Week | MTV Style

House Of Style

She looks like she’s having a great time, which makes me suspect glamour is the key to a tolerable commute. a Kristen Stewart upgraded her sneaker collection with a pair of Chanel kicks . These shoes are not appropriate for the gym. Like, at all.
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Steven Tyler Tries to Leave a Note Under Miley Cyrus’s Hotel Room Door: VIDEO :

In the video, captioned “Room Service in Helsinki,” the 66-year-old creeps up towards the “Wrecking Ball” singer’s suite. “Oooooh, I think Miley Cyrus is here,” he says in his best Elmer Fudd impersonation. “But Shhhhh she’s very very sleepy.” The former American Idol judge holds up the handwritten note he wants to leave for the singer, who’s in Finland on her Bangerz tour, and then tries to slip it under her door. When that doesn’t work, he tries to slide it through the side of the door. That fails too. “I can’t seem to get it in her door,” he surmises. “Maybe I oughta bang on it.” But he doesn’t and instead folds up the note and sticks it into the keycard slot.
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