Miley Cyrus Gives Herself A Wedgie In Spain – Allentown Celebrity |

Brandon Phillips throws heckler a signed baseball addressed to "Dear Drunk Guy!"

But it’s the raunchy photos published by TMZ on June 18 that are making everyone do a double take, showing the teen pop star giving herself not one, but two reverse wedgies, squeezed out of a super tight, dollar bill catsuit costume she wore on stage in Madrid on Tuesday night, and leaving very little to the imagination. TMZ blasts the kinky behavior as another indicator that Miley Cyrus is just a step away from exposing her inner B-list porn star, even going so far as to suggest it’s only a matter of time until her sex tape hits the web. The aggressively sexual nature of the images may explain why the photos have not gotten the same exposure as the, now, relatively chaste topless selfies Miley Cyrus is posting regularly to the web, sprinkled in among all the other, usually more wholesome images she manages to post daily. Pop Dust registers their displeasure, drily noting that Miley Cyrus “is coming across more and more like a person who learned about sexuality solely through bad porn and will never ever stop (quite literally) shoving it in our faces.” Perhaps it’s the looser attitudes towards sexuality and exposed flesh which Spain, and indeed all of Europe, is famous for, that made Miley Cyrus feel like flashing her lady parts at a lucky few Spaniards in the audience is just a new part of the show she’s working on out of town. Or, she truly is losing her mind. Either way, Miley Cyrus knows how to keep her name in the celebrity gossip columns, and it will be interesting to see whether or not she pulls the same stunt once she’s back on native soil.
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Wendy Williams Blames Pregnant Miley Cyrus for House Robbery and ‘RHOBH’ Brandi Glanville For Being Homeless? [PHOTOS] : Offbeat : Classicalite

Getty Images for Clear Channel/Ethan Miller

Day time talk show host Wendy Williams blames the VMA twerker for the break-in claiming that is was probably and inside job that resulted due to Hanna Montana’s negligence. Speaking of housing problems, it has been reported the Bravo Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’Brandi Glanville is homeless after being evicted and can’t find anyone to rent to her. Coldhearted Wendy says she wouldn’t rent to the LeAnn Rimes feuder either. Like Us on Facebook Getty Images for Clear Channel/Ethan Miller Wendy Williams might claim to have a big heart for the down trodden, but she apparently couldn’t care less about the homeless–if that homeless person is Brandi Glanville. Williams doesn’t like the kind of person Brandi is and thinks that is completely cool to discriminate when it comes to housing based on what you think about an individual’s profession–if not their credit score : Getty Images for Gilt/Alexandra Wyman “No one wants to be homeless, so I get why Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’Brandi Glanville is so upset no one will rent to her since her landlord kicked her out.
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Miley Cyrus Gets Restraining Order Against Man Who Claims He Will Not Stop Seeking Out the Singer | E! Online

Miley Cyrus

E! News has confirmed that a judge has granted the pop singer a three-year restraining order against an Arizona man who is believed to be a threat to her safety. The 21-year-old filed for a temporary restraining order against 24-year-old Devon Meek in late May because he “delusionally believes that Cyrus communicates with him via her songs.” According to court documents obtained by E! News, Meek “hears screaming voices in his head and thinks Miley is talking to him through the radio.” LOOK: Meanwhile, Miley has continued to post racy selfies The request goes on to state that “Meek, who we are informed and believe suffers from delusions about Ms. Cyrus, believes that the singer/actress/celebrity Ms. Cyrus communicates with him through her songs and is telling him to come to see her so that they may be together.” Meek was arrested by the LAPD on May 16 and placed on a psychiatric hold, where he remains, but has stated that he “will not stop seeking out Ms. Cyrus” even after his release. According to Detective Rosibel Smith wrote in a sworn statement that Meek told officers during an interview they should shoot him in the head if he couldn’t meet the singer. MORE: See the court documents Smith said that an officer “informed me that Mr. Meek stated that when he is released from the hospital, he will not stop seeking Ms. Cyrus and that he will continue to go to Ms.
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