Observer-reporter | Will Gop Turns Its Eyes To Romney Once Again?

It should be noted that Romney has ties to the Granite State and was governor of neighboring Massachusetts, but in looking at the other GOP possibilities, why wouldnt voters think that Mitt might be worth another try? Romney insists hes not running, but so have many people who ended up doing just that. Next in line behind Romney in one New Hampshire poll was New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. The likelihood of his emerging from the primary process to be the GOP nominee is probably akin to the chances of someone selling ice cubes to Eskimos. Christie, you see, is considered a moderate and has been known to engage with Democrats, which makes him a flaming liberal to the true believers who make up the core of the Republicans primary electorate. In polls that dont include Romney, Christie and the other leading candidates seem to be running in a tight pack, with no one gaining much more than 10 percent of the support.
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Woodstock: The 45th Anniversary of Peace and Love
Photos – ABC News

15, 1969. Clayton Call/Redferns/Getty Images Singer Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend of British rock band The Who on stage during a live concert performance at the Woodstock festival, Aug. 16, 1969. Getty Images A sound technician is seen near Free Stage, at the Woodstock music festival, August 1969. Ralph Ackerman/Getty Images Hundreds of rock music fans walk along the wet highway leading from Bethel, New York, Aug. 16, 1969, as they try to leave the Woodstock Music and Art Festival. Two hundred thousand persons spent a rainy night at the festival. AP Photo A naked young woman stands up amid the crowd during the Woodstock Festival at White Lake, Bethel Woods, New York, August 1969.
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