Column: Assault Over Barbecue Has Happy Ending – Local – Free Press And Jones Post

7 Days: Regional arts and entertainment

What event could cause a seemingly sane person (me) to be locked in a petroleum-propelled motor vehicle with a man deemed incurable by the Bromidrosis Institute? A concert by The Who, thats what. For many years, if I went to a concert there was a good chance Id be alone. Aside from my father and long-time concert compadre Jon Hughes, the odds of me strangling the person riding to the show with me were 50/50 on a good day. While inviting someone to a concert seems like a fairly casual thing to do, it is a deadly serious social contract. Your average mook is going to show up at least a half an hour later than the agreed upon time of departure. Anybody that shows up late outside the umbrella of A) a family emergency or B) anything involving a really good-looking woman should be treated as a possible terror suspect. Another potential power keg is food. Especially when heading to a show after work, time is of the essence.
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Tuesday through Thursday. Admission is free. Call 267-475-6500. Wednesday Strike up the band Nine of the country’s top outfits compete in Drum Corps: An American Tradition, including Allentown’s Cadets and Camden County’s Jersey Surf, plus defending champions Carolina Crown, the Cavaliers (Ill.), the Bluecoats (Ohio), the Blue Stars (Wis.), the Spirit of Atlanta, the Crossmen (Texas), and the Colts (Iowa). The show goes on at 7 p.m. at West Chester University’s Farrell Stadium, 875 S.
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