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Exclusive VIP packages for the THE WHO HITS 50! tour includes reserved tickets with amazing seats, special access to THE WHOS VIP preshow soundcheck, pre-show VIP parties, autographed limited edition memorabilia and much more. Additional details on tickets and VIP packages can be found at . In addition, $1 from each ticket sold on THE WHO HITS 50! tour will benefit Teen Cancer America ( From the bands first hit single I Cant Explain to pioneering the rock opera with Tommy, The Who is one of the most influential and storied bands of our time, said Jennifer Breithaupt, SVP of Entertainment Marketing for Citi. This will be one of the most anticipated tours of 2015 and we are delighted to be able to offer Citi cardmembers early access to see this legendary band perform. The classic songs fans can expect to hear on THE WHO HITS 50! tour will appear on the bands forthcoming WHO HITS 50! collection. Set for an October 27, 2014 release on Geffen/Universal Music Enterprises (UMe), this definitive collection of THE WHOs greatest tracks–from their very first recordings as The High Numbers right up to the present day with the brand new track Be Lucky–is being released to coincide with the bands 50th anniversary tour. The show–described by Pete Townsend as–Hits, Picks, Mixes and Misses will see the band play all their classic anthems as well as tackling deeper cuts from their catalog. This is the beginning of the long goodbye, says ROGER DALTREY of the upcoming tour. PETE TOWNSHEND commented, Trying to stay young. Not wearing socks. Growing a great big Woodcutter’s beard.
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Phelps to a man’s voice. And I won’t call it “Miss Phelps” because that would take away from the whole ambience: I’m going for that voice on the old reel-to-reel tapes that Peter Graves (the real Mr. Phelps) would pick up in odd places at the beginning of every “Mission: Impossible” TV episode. You just don’t get the same effect with “Good Morning, Ms. Phelps.” But I digress. I don’t find Siri’s “personality” charming. Siri is a part of a tool known as a smartphone. Period. I don’t need tools smarting off.
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This January Marks 50 Years Of Britain’s Best Band

Or, you could sit them down with a beer and their 50-year-old original singles, and make your job a damn sight easier. Back in 1965, The Who released their first song, the single ‘I Can’t Explain’. Designed as a semi-copy of The Kinks, it barely made its way onto the US singles chart, peaking at 93. But despite that, it’s stayed on as a staple of Who concerts ever since and yes, Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend, the original front man and guitarist, are still touring (and surprisingly good live). If you’ve not been a Who fan before now, though, it’s a good year to start and ‘I Can’t Explain’ is the perfect song to start with. Welcome to Soundtrack , what Gizmodo’s staff is listening to every night.
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I take no guff from Siri or any other tool – Pablog by Paul Giannamore – Steubenville, Wintersville, Toronto, Mingo, Weirton, Jefferson County | News, Sports, Jobs,

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